Run Away! Run Away!



designed by Kouji Kimora, published by Oink Games

Can you escape with the troll’s treasure? A simple action selection/deduction game that fits into a teeny, tiny box. The starting player looks at the troll who has a number between 5 and 11 (roughly), and then places a number between one and five face up. The higher the number, the greater the reward, but also greater the risk. The next player decides to either put a number down blind, and double their reward, or they can peek at the troll and make a better decision. If the total is higher than the troll’s number, then it will catch you! What is your opponent doing? Are they a jerk who will get you snatched by the troll? Probably.

Definitely a clever game with a pretty basic mechanic.  Almost pure bluffing, and there is room for strategic play, but that fact isn’t apparent right away.  And it feels pretty light.

One Line Verdict: Don’t bother with his Troll too much.  Unless you like trolls.  And bluffing.

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