Definitely NOT the Yellow Submarine


“Deep Sea Adventure:

designed by Jun Sasaki & Goro Sasaki, published by Oink Games

Go diving for treasure in this small-box Japanese game. Roll the dice and travel deeper into the ocean to pick up scoring chits. But be careful: everybody shares an air supply and the more chits you have, the faster the air goes and then the slower you go. Do you keep going for that one more turn to pick up a higher value chit? Or do you turn around and hope to make it back before the air runs out? If you’re me, you just sink and die every time. The winner got two chits and won by a point. That’s a tight game.

But it’s a fun game: a simple and challenging press-your-luck game that really makes you say, “just one more step…”

One Line Verdict: Dive into this one!

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