Taking Stock of GenCon…

A week later, a picture of the GenCon haul:

GenCon 50 Haul


Not quite the new hot-ness; more like the current cheap-ness.  Except for “Wok Star.”  That thing is out-of-print.

Mad Vampires vs. Mad Hunters

“Fury of Dracula” (Third Edition)

Designed by Frank Brooks, Stephen Hand, and Kevin Wilson, published by Fantasy Flight Games

A hidden movement game where four vampire hunters pursue Dracula throughout Europe. The Dracula player plays location cards to indicate where he is going while the vampire hunters collect stuff and try to get on Dracula’s trail. Dracula also plays event cards to slow those guys down. Neat day/night mechanic as the time of day changes how things work, but still, can be frustrating for the vampire hunters. The only “fury” in this game was how upset everyone got.

The game is in closing the net around Dracula, and not really in the combat.  So if you like deduction, then yah!  If not, not so much.