GenCon Postscript, #1: GenCon at the Airport

Why have GenCon 50 thoughts nearly a month after the convention?  Because it was my first GenCon and yeah, it does take a while to process and think about everything that I saw and then to ruminate on things that other people (bloggers) have talked about and maybe about things that aren’t always so obvious.

I’m a convention veteran: but not necessarily with boardgames.  Comic books, anime: those are the conventions I’ve gone to, but last year was Origins and this year was GenCon, and one of the coolest things about flying into Indianapolis?  Having the convention greet you at the airport.

IMG_0155This is the view as you descend down to the baggage claim from the terminal.

And as you wait for you flight out?  Here’s a table to play a game.



Cool.  Unless of course your flight is delayed and you barely made your connection in Denver to get back home in time to make it work and school the next day…


30-Second Boardgames Reviews Went to Asia…

And this is what I brought back:


Top Row: “UNO: Kiki’s Delivery Service Edition”, “UNO: DragonBall Super Edition”, “Modern Art” designed by Reiner Knizia

Bottom Row (all published by Oink Games); “Deep Sea Adventure” designed by Jun Sasaki, Goro Sasaki, “Startups” designed by Jun Sasaki, “maskmen” designed by Jun Sasaki, Taiki Shinzawa”, “The Pyramid’s Deadline” designed by Jun Sasaki.

Consider this a Preview of Coming Attractions…

30-Second Boardgame Reviews Now Live!

Welcome to 30-Second Boardgame Reviews: Boardgame reviews that take you 30-seconds to read, and took me 30-seconds to write.

I like boardgames and I like boardgame reviews, but sometimes I just don’t have a lot of time to read through a detailed review or watch a video detailing the mechanics.  Sometimes I just need information and an opinion quick!  This blog hopes to fill that gap.

Quick reviews, dispensed quickly with updates every other day.  With two to start of with, come back soon for more!

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