Monopoly Boiled Down to its Cold, Dark Heart


“High $ociety!”

designed by Reiner Knizia, published by Uberplay

A pure bidding game where you try to buy the most stuff. Start with a limited number of dollar amounts in your hand: simply bid on items, ranging from artwork to basketball teams and castles worth different amounts of prestige, as they are turned over. But be careful: once you spend the money card, it’s gone. And the cards vary in their amounts, so there’s no change. As the game goes on, you begin to lose your flexibility with your bid amounts. And watch out for misfortune cards: bid to NOT get these. At the end of the game, the person with the least money in hand is instantly eliminated, and the remaining players add up their point totals. And win by only winning three items.

A game of tight auctions, steely gazes that rewards the cold-hearted and cut-throat.  The limiting of bid cards in both amount and use is very smart and requires clever strategizing in your bid.  But most of all this game is about reading your opponents and forcing them out.

One Line Verdict: Great filler for feeling what it’s truly like to be rich. In other words, totally evil.

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