A Game That Cuts Your Heart Out With a Spoon


“Sheriff of Nottingham”

designed by Sergio Halaban and Andre Zotz, published by Arcane Wonders

Try to smuggle goods past the corrupt sheriff in order to stock your shopping stall and earn the most points. Easy enough: place goods and/or contraband in your bag (contraband scores much more points then the goods), and the bag to the player who is currently Sheriff and, give a number of goods and one true item.  Bribe the sheriff to get him to look the other way and let the contraband through, of if you are the sheriff, try to convince people to make it worth your while not to look and bust their smuggling.  Players take turns being the Sheriff and smugglers.  So, there can be give/take dynamic as you bribe, cajole, and convince the other players to let you through.   But when you can’t bribe/smuggle correctly nor guess when someone’s lying to you, you’re not winning this game. Like me, in this case.

A game all about social dynamics and the strategy of when to smuggle, when to bribe, and when to tell the truth.

One Line Verdict: Cut it out with a spoon.  At least for me.  But if you like bluffing games, it’s quite nice.


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