In Soviet Russia…[insert extremely dated reference here]


“Russian Railroads”

designed by Helmut Ohley & Leonhard “Lonny” Orgler

It turns out that in Pre-Soviet Russia the railraod rides you as well. A complex worker-placement game where you race on your personal player board to complete up to three rail lines while increasing your industry. Go further on different lines to get bonuses and to increase your scoring: but choose wisely, you only have 7 turns to do everything you need to do. Definitely a brain burner becasue you need Plan A, B, and C as people WILL take what you need. And Scoring is, I guess appropriately enough, quite a bear.

An extremely tight game that forces to make hard decisions.  The between round scoring is the hardest part: different rail will give you different point values and they are multipliers as well.  But, a great brain-burning, strategic worker-placement game.


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