Sail the High Seas with “Black Fleet”

“Black Fleet”

Designed by Sebastian Bleasdale, published by Asmodee Games and Space Cowboys

Sail the seas as merchants, pirates, and the navy at the same time! Each player controls a merchant ship to deliver goods, a pirate ship to sack other players, and one of two navy ships to thwart the pirates. One card allows you to move each separate vessel as you deliver goods to earn coins, raid the other players’ merchants, and use the navy to sink those pesky pirates.  Use the coins you earn to unlock upgrades that feature different game-breaking powers for each player.. Also get fortune cards to deploy extra powers to your vessels. Only players who unlock the last upgrade are counted to win the game: the most coins wins. And you can have a ton of coins, but don’t forget to unlock those upgrades, because timing is a factor! As I learned the hard way.

There is a lot of strategy and cutthroat action, but oddly enough, minor stakes.  Good pirate-y fun all-around.

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