Mo’ Attacks, Mo’ Titans


“Attack on Titan: The Last Stand”

designed by Antoine Bauza & Ludovic Maublanc, published by Cryptozoic Entertainment

Strap on your air-gear and defend the wall…wait, didn’t I already write THIS review as well? No, this is not the deck-building game, but a one vs. all recreation of a pitched battle between the Survey Corps and a single titan. Human players roll dice to get different actions: move on the 3D board, attack, or defend, all the while trying to get into position to execute the tactics that will fell the mighty titan. You can roll as many times as you want, but roll a titan face on your die and that die goes to the titan character to use one his special powers to wreak havoc with the humans: maybe eat a civilian or regenerate health. Meanwhile, the titan player chooses two attacks: one face up and one face down. The humans can then use their dice to neutralize the titan’s attacks or try and activate a tactics card.   The titan wins if he kills a character, eats all the civilians (there are 12 to begin with) or destroys six cannons. The humans win if they finish off the titan. But much harder than at looks, as there are only two cards in the 8 card tactic deck that actually kills the titan!


Each character on the human side has different special abilities while there are three different titans to choose from. The 3D board looks cool and works thematically as players try to position themselves around the titan for the killing blow. Almost too easy with two humans, one titan: the humans only have fulfill two of three conditions on the powerful tactics cards to activate them. A higher player count would avoid this issue. Then again, if you roll three titan heads to begin with, not much is going to save you.

One Line Verdict: Is there room in a collection for two Attack on Titan games? Yes, yes, there is.

Alan Moore Would be Suitably Pissed Off


“DC Comics Deck-building Game: Crossover Pack  4 – Watchmen”

designed by Matt Hyra, published by Cryptozoic Entertainment

Hidden roles and traitors come to DC Comics Deck-Building with this expansion that adds the world of the Watchmen!  Work together to defeat ridiculously hard challenges by contributing cards from your hand. Meanwhile the Secret Mastermind slowly acquires cards to unleash his Mastermind Plot! Then wait desperately to somehow play the right five cards (plus any extra cards you may draw during your turn) as required by the “Villainous Machinations” card to actually unleash the plot. Really hard to hide your motives WHEN EVERYONE CAN SEE THE CARDS YOU ARE PLAYING EVERY TURN. “Maybe I don’t feel like playing these cards” is never an acceptable answer in this particular game.

Maybe the problem is how we play discards: Just place all the discards in one stack onto your pile instead of spreading them out and saying “I have nothing.” So I guess this could work, but just seems way too difficult to both win the game and the traitor to, you know, be a traitor.

One Line Verdict: Maybe chuck this particular expansion out of a high apartment window.

Dead Men Walking


“The Walking Dead Card Game”

designed by Wolfgang Kramer, published by Cryptozoic Entertainment

A re-theming of the excellent “6Nimmt” with zombies. The players all simultaneously pick a card from their starting hand of 10 cards, reveals it, and each player then plays their card into one of four rows, starting with the lowest number first. Your card is placed to the highest number it is closest to. If you place the sixth card in a row, you end up taking that whole row of cards. Each card will have between one and six bullets on it: the more bullets you collect, the worse off you are. Gasp in horror as all four rows fill up with five cards and just pray that your opponents will take rows before you…and oddly thematic as you see hordes of walkers slowly build up as cards are placed down and more and more bullets show up…Three rounds later, the person with the least number of bullets wins!  There’s also a hero mode where you try and TAKE the most bullets, but that one seems lame and tacked on.

Great for people who like “6 Nimmt” and zombies (or walkers, if you prefer). Great even for people who don’t like the latter.  But the pictures on the card might be too scary for the little ones.

One Line Verdict: solid game, tacked on theme, but still fun because the core game is great.

Attack on DC Deckbuilding

“Attack on Titan: Deck-Building Game”

designed by Matt Hyra, published by Cryptozoic Entertainment

Strap on your Air Gear and get ready to fight off some titans!  Two great tastes in one: based on the very popular anime and using the Cerberus deck-building engine, which is the core of the DC Superheroes Deck-building game. Defend the wall from rampaging Titans as you use new Thrust cards to scoot along the wall buyin’ cards and fightin’ Titans! Great wound system and an excellent spatial component: surely the Reeses Peanut Butter Cups of deck-building games.

Just the right balance between challenge and difficulty in this light to medium deck-builder.  Plus, it’s Attack on Titan!